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The team is the key to success

Even during his studies, Daniel Told, the Country Manager of Croatia, began his career in sales, which has been thriving and developing for almost 10 years. His previous positions and the successes he achieved have led him to be at the helm of our company’s sales team in Croatia today. He started his sales career as an agent at a real estate agency and later continued his sales career in an international company where he received an award for the highest increase in sales. Additionally, for two consecutive years, he was named the top seller with the most new clients opened, both years, competing with over 100 other salespeople. His journey at Delight is very interesting because he built his career within the company gradually.


When I came to Delight, my position was a Workplace Consultant, and at that time, I already knew that my arrival at Delight was a significant investment in knowledge, career, and my future. Effort, hard work, and perseverance were the guidelines I followed and continue to follow today. After that, I was promoted to the position of Senior Workplace Consultant, and then to the position of Sales Manager. The next position is the one I hold now – Country Manager for Croatia. My journey at Delight has been long, and I took it step by step, familiarizing myself with all the processes and the entire sales business before taking the lead of the team, which I consider crucial for personal development, as well as for the development and progress of the team I now lead!


Communication is the key to sales


After completing my undergraduate studies in economics, I considered continuing my education with a postgraduate degree in the same field, but I ultimately decided to take a different direction and completed an additional two years of specialized studies in communication management. I was interested in communication because sales is precisely that – communicating with people. For successful sales, it’s essential to know how to talk to people, listen to them, and ask them the right questions. Working in sales provides endless opportunities and freedom, and it’s great if you know how to leverage it. In that case, sales work offers room for growth, and the sky’s the limit.


Around me, the team changed and was recreated, and now that we have slightly fewer than 20 members in the team, I believe that this team is using its full potential, and we are very strong. The Croatian market has developed significantly, and we expect the continuation of that growth and development in the future. In the coming years, there will be an expansion in Zagreb! At this moment, there is a shortage of business buildings in the capital of Croatia, and as they soon begin construction, we see an opportunity to expand our business even further. We are already working on numerous projects that will happen in the coming years, and we are confident that this sales segment will significantly contribute to our business growth.


Delight has top-notch products and incredible versatility, allowing us to respond to client’s needs and offer exactly what they require – I like to say that it’s impossible not to sell something, given that we have everything!


Although we have completed large and successful projects all over Croatia, in Split, Zadar, Osijek, and Istria, most of our business is based in Zagreb. Since our showroom is in the very heart of Zagreb’s business district, a significant number of our clients come from there. Croatia is a tourist destination, and there is enormous potential in the Adriatic, especially in the HORECA segment. Part of our business strategy is to grow in that market where we have already established ourselves as a reliable partner for our clients.


When work is a pleasure, life is a joy!


The Croatian market is large and offers various opportunities, and high salaries – if you are a good and hardworking employee, you will quickly find a job! Considering the opportunities available, the biggest challenge I face is keeping the team together and motivating them to stay and grow together. We communicate daily and spend a lot of time together. Although I consider our sales team very strong, each of us faces various challenges, but we strive to support each other. The team does the job, but the team also needs to be worked on! Delight’s sales team in Croatia is a real team, and that’s our response to market challenges.


Considering these challenges, we try to attract and retain people not only through better business conditions and benefits but also by valuing their opinions. People, as social beings, need to know that they are part of a community, feel good, and that their work contributes to the growth and development of the team and, consequently, the business. When people within the company are satisfied, the results are inevitable!


Our goal is to achieve a new record every year compared to previous results, and with a stable and strong team, we are working to increase it! We are making good progress towards making 2023 a record year for Delight in Croatia. We have announced significant projects for the period ahead – some of them are existing clients we have been working with for years and who always return to Delight, thanks to us and our partners – Steelcase, Interface, and Deko.


In addition to expanding our showroom a few months ago, we want to continue to grow and have plans to increase our team and turnover! We are growing as a company, both locally and regionally. Growth is planned, foreseen, and achieved! On one occasion, our CSO, Zoran, mentioned a sentence that I often quote, and I truly mean it word for word – When the work is a pleasure, life is a joy!