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Delight’s unique approach propels constant collective development

Ivan Čanović is the new Country Manager at Delight Office Solution for the Montenegro market. He is a husband, father, and a master’s degree holder in economics, having earned his higher education degrees at universities in Podgorica and Vienna.
He began his professional career at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, working as a teaching assistant for courses in Organizational Behaviour and Market Communication. He continued his career in an international company that also operates in the Montenegrin market, where he had the opportunity to lead the firm and contribute to its growth and business development.
Ivan first learned about Delight a few years ago from a friend and is now the Country Manager for our company in the Montenegro market, with incredible plans.

Achieving Better Results Together
I first heard about Delight from a friend in Belgrade. His experiences as a client were excellent, and after conducting further research, I realized that Delight is indeed a credible and reliable company in its field of operation. Through analyzing the local market and informal discussions with businesspeople in Montenegro, I concluded that despite its successful regional operations and years of delivering top-notch design and quality turnkey projects, Delight has not yet fully tapped into its potential in the Montenegrin market. It’s clear that Montenegro will be a bigger focus for the company in the near future.

After spending a decade in my previous company, initially as a sales manager and since 2018 as an executive director, I felt that I had reached certain limits and it was time for a new challenge. Delight seemed like the perfect place for me to apply my acquired knowledge and experience, acquire new skills, take on a new challenge, leave a personal mark, and contribute to the team and the company’s business fulfillment.

The Direction of Delight’s Development in Montenegro
What I particularly appreciate about Delight is that it’s not a company engaged in traditional sales but strives to improve the quality of life for the employees of its clients. What Delight does is a completely different dimension – it’s a holistic, sophisticated approach that allows me as an individual, as well as Delight as a company, to further develop, constantly explore and find new and better solutions, and provide the local and regional markets with a modern perspective on this business segment.

I also started with the assumption that a company focused on improving the lives of its clients’ employees would certainly also care about the satisfaction of its own employees.

I am confident that with globalization, digitalization, and a wide range of new business opportunities, it is becoming increasingly challenging to attract and retain top talent. Delight, with the business segment it represents, certainly offers a range of tools that can help companies gain a comparative advantage in this regard. This is the experience that sets us apart from competitors in the market in which we operate, and it should be leveraged for further business development.

When it comes to HoReCa, Montenegro’s potential is truly significant!
Montenegro can offer something that very few countries in the world can – the ability to ski on a mountain and swim in the sea on the same May day is truly impressive! Regarding tourism, Montenegro has a vast untapped potential that nature has bestowed upon it, and I believe that in the period ahead, there will be significant progress in harnessing this potential.

The development and progress of tourism go hand in hand with the development of the hotel industry. In recent years, hotels of renowned global chains have opened, but smaller boutique hotels and condo complexes have also begun to be built. I believe that the growth and development of the HoReCa sector in Montenegro open a new dimension of potential for our company.

In addition to clients in the hospitality sector, multinational and rapidly growing IT companies, which are increasingly present in Montenegro, are clients that we should also aim to serve in the future. Alongside this, there is a growing need for business centers and co-working spaces, and we will certainly be there to support this development and bring their ideas regarding ambiance and organizational culture to life.

Our primary goal in the months ahead should be to make our brand, ideas, and portfolio even more recognizable! The opening of our new showroom will be accompanied by a special event, which we are carefully planning. We want to thoroughly introduce all interested parties in the market to our wide range of offerings, the quality, and reliability of our services, and provide them with the opportunity to test a part of our product range through the showroom.

I am personally a strong optimist when it comes to Delight’s future, and I firmly believe that our company in Montenegro is entering a period of dynamic growth.