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Establishing long-term and stable relationships with partners is key to success

Matevž Borovnik, Country Manager of Delight Slovenia, began his professional journey with Delight Office Solution when the company was first established in Slovenia. Over the years, he actively participated in the development of the company’s vision and witnessed its growth from a small team to a dynamic group of over 15 experts.


Before joining Delight, he gained invaluable experience in the construction and project business sectors. Carrying with him a wealth of knowledge and skills, he continued to develop them in tandem with the company’s growth. From the very beginning, a core of the current team of approximately 15 members has been part of Delight, demonstrating a remarkable continuity in our workforce.


The team in Slovenia is amazing! Longtime members of the Delight team, not only possess extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields but also understand the essence of working in the company and the business in general. Additionally, they have a keen sense of aesthetics and beauty, which greatly contributes to their work. All these qualities make them invaluable members of the team, fostering a productive and inspiring collaboration.


Although Delight Office Solution operates in five countries across the region, with expansion plans, each country operates in a unique way based on the market’s needs.
Moreover, Borovnik claims that the Slovenian market itself has tremendous potential.


The Slovenian market is unique in that it hosts many companies that combine both production and office spaces. These are not just business premises but entire companies. For decades, many of these companies have not invested in their office spaces but rather focused on industry, machinery, and innovation. They prioritized research and development to enhance their business, making Slovenia one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of successful and recognized manufacturing companies. Now is the time for the modernization of office spaces, presenting a significant market potential for Delight.


Another opportunity that Borovnik sees lies in establishing long-term and stable relationships with partners such as Steelcase, Interface, and Framery, which represent a winning combination for every successfully implemented project. In recent years on the Slovenian market, special focus has been placed on Framery’s product line, the world’s leading soundproof pods and booths. They have executed remarkable projects involving Framery in the past, and there are more projects lined up for the future, anticipate a successful collaboration with this excellent partner. Additionally, in the last two years, they have resumed business with their old partner, Interface, and believe that their collaboration will remain successful for a long time.


As the business has developed, so has the team, and with plans for future expansion, the logical next step is a change in the space where Delight operates in Slovenia. We have been in the same showroom for 10 years, which, while charming and meeting their needs, is becoming insufficient. We need a larger showroom and more extensive spaces to showcase their offerings comprehensively to clients. The goal is to make ourselves known to those who haven’t heard of us, emphasizing why we are leaders in the industry at first glance.