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We proved that we can deal with significant challenges!


Radoslav Milosheski is one of the youngest employees at Delight Office Solution company throughout the region, and the youngest country manager! The experience Radoslav gained after finishing college led him to this responsible, and challenging position at Delight North Macedonia, where he has been for over a year. After his time as an office consultant at a corporate real estate company, as he reached a certain level, he needed a new challenge. Thanks to the job he was in, which he successfully carried out, he became familiar with the real estate market as well as Delight. Therefore, the logical next step is for him to become a part of our company!

Knowledge and energy are the formula for a successful team

I lead an amazing team of 16 people that operates seamlessly in all conditions. There are several reasons I consider crucial for the success of our team and our company in the Macedonian market. One of them is that our team is a blend of experienced individuals with years of company service and younger members. Some selflessly share their knowledge and some are eager to listen and learn something new. When these elements come together, knowledge and energy combine, which, in my opinion, form the formula for a successful team.

I believe that our energy is what colleagues from the region primarily associate with our team. Beyond excellent collaboration, we are also friends outside of work – there is great chemistry among the team members!

Market in North Macedonia

The market in North Macedonia is quite specific due to its limitations, but we are moving in the direction of constructing such buildings and having investors who want to build such structures. The previous year was quite good for both Delight and the entire Macedonian market, as we completed several business centers. This led people to acquire new business spaces, renovate them, and expand – considering this, the past year was very dynamic.
I believe that the trend happening in Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia is also coming to us, and an expansion will occur in North Macedonia. The market will develop, and businesses will grow, with companies like ours being the initiators. Companies that emphasize investing in employee conditions and well-being, because when employees are satisfied, they give back to the company with hard and valuable work. The pioneers here were IT and international companies, which have standards they must follow wherever their company is located, and we are here to help them. Call centers invested in their offices, and they have changed the way of operations!

What we do best is listen to our clients!

What people sometimes think is that Delight only sells furniture, and the truth is that furniture sales are just one segment of our business. Delight is a company dedicated to the science of office space! Our biggest distributors, Steelcase, Interface, and DEKO, share their knowledge with us, and we are grateful for that. We use everything we receive from them. It’s worth mentioning that our employees are the only ones in the market with such wide and comprehensive knowledge.

What sets us apart from other companies in the market is that we offer a specific approach for each client because each client has specific needs and challenges, they face. When we talk to a client, we don’t just discuss the warranty of our products, but the benefits of the space they are in – what kinds of zones need to exist, how the space should look, the importance of having areas for concentration, rest, and private conversations.

Additionally, our distinction in the market lies in the fact that our relationship with clients doesn’t end with a sale. After we complete a project, we provide clients with 24/7 after-sales support! Our goal is to ensure that clients still are happy even after the project is completed and that they still are our clients for many years, as we have provided them with top-notch service not just during the purchase but also afterward.
In business, as in life, having a reliable partner is essential, and Delight undoubtedly fulfills that role for all clients who use our services for the next 10 years!

Presenting Philosophy Through the New Showroom!

Although the old showroom was beautifully designed, Delight Holding recognized the potential in the Macedonian market and decided to open a new space in an exclusive location in the city centre, to position ourselves at the heart of events and among all clients. We are now situated in one of the finest business centers in Skopje, in a building that everyone is familiar with.

In our new showroom, we have implemented everything we recommend to our clients is necessary. Our space includes collaboration zones, an area for informal meetings, an oval room for private discussions, as well as offices for teams that require separation from their colleagues. It took an extraordinary effort to bring everything to life, but it was smooth because the entire team participated in the realization!

Judging by the employees’ reactions and behavior, I see that they like the new showroom – it’s more spacious, offers greater privacy, less noise, a different working atmosphere, and employees don’t leave work tired, but rather content. All the necessary elements are present, and there’s scientific evidence of their importance in the workplace. Through our own experience, we’ve realized the process of creating a space according to rules and standards, and our offices will also serve as an example to show clients everything we recommend for their own offices.

From demolition to furnishing

During the earlier period, we’ve had numerous successful projects under our belt. I would like to highlight the Allocate Software project, one of the largest IT companies in Skopje with over 300 employees. We managed the entire project from demolition, renovating old installations, floors, design, and space furnishing, providing turnkey solutions. This project presented significant challenges, from the functional requirements the space needed to meet to the complexity of the building itself where Allocate Software is located.

Following that, we collaborated with another global company, Endava, which occupies over 3,500 square meters. We managed the complete Interface flooring as well as curved glass partitions, a first-of-its-kind installation in the Macedonian market. Despite the challenges, from transporting the glass to North Macedonia to installing it everything went smoothly.

While there are indeed several excellent IT companies in North Macedonia, we were fortunate to have the best companies as our clients! Our collaboration with investors has intensified lately as they recognized the quality of products from our suppliers. Through investor partnerships, we completed two business centers – Palata Kan and Maksim Gorki. This means we installed 16,000 square meters of DEKO glass partitions and Interface flooring. This shows our ability to tackle substantial challenges, leading investors to continue their collaboration with Delight.

I want to emphasize that I’m extremely proud to lead a team like Delight North Macedonia. I’m glad to be here and to have colleagues who accepted me despite my young age. Together, we’ve proven our compatibility and ability to collaborate successfully, paving the way for more achievements in the future!