InspirationThe series 1 task chair

With as many different types of bodies as there are in the office, shouldn’t your seating adjust to fit every one? The Series 1 Task Chair from Steelcase does just that and more, delivering to workspaces everywhere much more comfort and style than you’re probably used to in an office chair.

Sit your way. The Series 1 Task Chair’s built-in LiveBack Technology can be adjusted to suit each user; simply slide the support higher or lower as needed as the day progresses and different sitters come and go. Adaptive bolstering and 4D adjustable arms allow users to adjust the chair’s arms until it suits them for the task at hand, while adjustable seat depth ensures proper circulation while seated, putting an end to sleepy legs and feet. A few easy adjustments go a long way in setting up a chair that supports you and your coworkers in all the right ways.

With a large selection of options to choose from, you’ll be able to personalize your office chair to your liking. Pick your chair’s upholstery in your company colors, or add on a coat hanger for that executive level of functionality rarely seen in office chairs. Perfect for the solo sitter or the entire office, the Series 1 Task Chair keeps you and your colleagues comfy and focused at work.