Steelcase GoBright Work

GoBright Work offers intuitive and customizable software, combined with optional modular hardware elements. Users can check the availability of workspaces and book any space in seconds.

About GoBright Work
It all starts with software. Users and administrators can access the GoBright portal through their mobile app – available on both iOS and Android – or via the web browser on any device. Users can book spaces, manage existing bookings, find colleagues (optional), and see which spaces are booked at any given time in the future.

Spaces can be searched for and filtered by their characteristics and availability. Digital maps create a visual, intuitive booking experience for any user.

Agile Working
The rapid growth of activity-based and shared-space working concepts has paved the way for flexible desk use and created a need for digital space management. Agile working is now at the core of modern offices and GoBright Work is here to help:

  • Online Desk Selection = Book a desk online or via an app, ensuring you have a place to work.
  • Visible Occupation = Easily check the status of a desk when you enter the office via an app or with optional accessories.
  • Clear Analytics = Manage your office space efficiently and empower facility managers to make data-driven decisions.