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The Alternative to Conventional Drywalls

Even though glazed partitions have become a constituent part of con­temporary fitting out, the demand for system partitions with discrete detailing is increasing.

DEKO PF is a profile free system partition which is constructed in the same way as DEKO PV with the slim aluminium profiles being replaced with a discrete pencil line or bevel edge joint, giving the partition a minimalistic appearance.
DEKO PF is flexible and functional and can be adapted to suit the requirements of all types of buildings.

DEKO PF is the perfect choice where minimal detailing is important: it is a ready-made partition giving desirable strength and stability ratings. In addition, it is easily installed and is price competitive.

The component parts of DEKO PF are reusable, and matching glazed partitions or doors can be incorporated both during the initial installation and retrospectively. Alterations can be completed with little disruption to surrounding finishes.

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