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Fire Classified Fully Glazed Partitions

Single layer fully glazed partitions up to EI 60 fire requirements in elegant aluminium design.

DEKO FG Fire is an integral part of our product range, as today many companies and architects wish to use DEKO fully glazed floor to ceiling partitions throughout all interior decoration, regardless of fire requirements.

DEKO FG Fire can be installed as whole fully glazed partitions or as individual glazed sections built into, for example, a concrete or fixed drywall. DEKO FG fire rated glazed partitions can be installed in all areas of a building regardless of the fire requirements, such as in section divisions to dining rooms, to stairwells and at escape routes.

Like our DEKO FG partitions, DEKO FG Fire is ETA approved, and bears the CE and Danish indoor climate label.

Kategorija: Glass walls