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Think chair intuitively responds to movement of the body so that it provides comfort. Completely redesigned and reconstructed, Think smart, simple and sustainable.

In 2004, about the Think chair quickly started talking as a revolutionary innovation, and has become the world’s best-selling product. As the first Cradle to Cradle certified product on the planet, has created a higher standard of sustainability across the industry.


Think chair feels what your body needs. Integrated LiveBack system is in line with your body and moves with you as you change positions. It has improved seat with adjustable weights so that it everyone will be comfortable, and very quickly.


Think is simple to use. Intelligent design allows the user to personalize their comfort through several manual settings.


Think reduces its lifelong impact on human health and the environment. The new, redesigned Think has less parts for easier recycling and rapid disassembly. Steelcase can help you re-use or recycle the chair at the end of its working life.

We have based this redesign on the global trends and the serious study of user needs

Today, workers are more mobile. They do not spend their workdays only at his desk, but in different places.

In the meantime, we have learned more about new materials, new technologies and new business opportunities. We have acquired an additional 8 years of experience as designers and engineers.

With this knowledge, we are excited to to present you redesign of one of our best selling chair, Think.