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FreeWall2 – At the heart of your workspace

Freewall2 is the smart way to shape and organise your workspace, without messing with your architecture. It’s a free-standing wall element that can act as a room divider, a partition, a shelving unit, a home for all your IT appliances, a connection between workstations or more. It’s a perfect solution for diverse workstyles and applications. FreeWall2 – at the heart of your workspace

– Shaping your space: FreeWall2 makes it easy to configure or reconfigure your space
– Making your workplace flexible: Move the desk independently and switch between different work modes – from tasking to teaming without a thought.
– Optimum cable management: FreeWall2 facilitates easier and more efficient irrigation of power and data networks at the workstation and between different workstations.


Kategorija: Space architecture