Opis proizvoda

4.8 conference table is a meeting table which integrates technology. An innovative “plug ‘n play” connectivity is integrated into the centre of the table. It enables the work surface to be clutter-free.

Benefits & features

  • 4.8 conference table offers an instant and self explaining connectivity to power and data.
  • The innovative integration of technology facilitates the connections between people and smoothes the flow of information.
  • The light open aluminium structure maximizes leg room, for a better user comfort and mobility: the table offers only 4 legs at for the 3 200cm width version and 6 legs for the 4 800cm.
  • 4.8 conference table proposes a generous cable storing capacity, for facility managers and users.
  • Sustainability: 4.8 conference table is 98% recyclable and contains no hazardous materials.

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