Urban Retreat Planks

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Based on one of Interface’s latest carpet tile collection Urban Retreat, Urban Retreat 501 is inspired by people’s instinctive love of nature, a science known as ‘Biophilia’. In the compact living spaces of modern cities, people are searching for a link to the natural world, and Biophilic design is now inspiring domestic and commercial environments around the world. Designers are helping by bringing nature indoors, and Urban Retreat 501 reflects this growing trend.

Reflecting the core elements of Biophilic design, color palettes within the Urban Retreat collection are evocative of heritage stones, forests, and savannah grasses. The collection’s distinctive woven look was created with Interface’s innovative computer driven Tapestry machine, the first of its kind in Europe.

Skinny Planks

UR 501 is available as Skinny Planks, measuring 25 x 100 cm, a new proportion and a different sense of scale to carpet tiles. Now designers have a wealth of imaginative installation options, taking flooring design beyond what’s possible with squares alone. They are suitable for herringbone and ashlar installation and available in colors that will complement square Urban Retreat tiles, as well as the addition of vibrant accent colors.

Squares are still important and valuable: the core elements in the Interface system. But Skinny Planks show what’s possible outside the traditional carpet tile aesthetic. They expand modular horizons, giving the freedom to create fresh, exciting designs. Skinny Planks can be used to produce contrasting, dramatic, large-scale tile patterns, or to define distinctive zones for different activities. Or even use them to provide way finding cues.

More choice, less environmental footprint

Reflecting Interface’s Mission Zero goal for zero environmental footprint by 2020, Urban Retreat 501 Skinny Planks include a high percentage of recycled content and it is made using 100% recycled nylon. Urban Retreat 501 can be easily installed using Interface’s glue-free and flexible TacTiles™ system, to minimize odor and emissions, and can also be used in conjunction with Interlay, for enhanced acoustic properties and comfort. What’s more, all tiles can be recycled through Interface’s ReEntry® take-back scheme, to help reduce the amount of carpet sent to landfill or incineration at the end of their life.

Available in various colors.