Touch & Tones collection

Opis proizvoda

Human senses thrive on stimulation and variation. When we design a space, we want to create a range of different sensory experiences for the people who use it; to combine colour with texture in surprising ways.

With Touch & Tones, the possibilities of these inspiring combinations seem endless. Three coordinating styles offer a choice of texture and pile height, and each has its own range of neutral and bright colours. This is a collection for creating zones – spaces within spaces to support specific moods or functions. Or you can use it to help with wayfinding in larger areas. Or simply to give people the change of scene that invigorates their daily lives.

Touch & Tones 101 – a popular, proven loop pile construction. Short and neat, yet still with textural interest.
Touch & Tones 102 – a high quality, textured loop pile. Plush and luxurious, with an authentic broadloom appearance.
Touch & Tones 103 – a very shaggy cut pile. Increasingly desirable for the funky, homely feeling it brings to the workplace.

Choose any one of these style options for an impressive broadloom effect, or make the most of their modularity by placing them in intriguing combinations. The colour ranges for each style let you coordinate or contrast. From rich or muted natural shades to vibrant, exciting brights, you have the palette to play off tone against texture – with remarkable results.