Multichrome collection

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Taking inspiration from the latest trends and research in colour psychology, global modular flooring manufacturer Interface is launching two new ranges, Contemplation and Multichrome.

Discussing the influences and research behind the new collections, Mandy Leeming, Design and Development Manager for Interface EMEA, explained: “Workspaces as we know them are changing and are essentially becoming an extension of our homes. There is now a real need for environments that focus on the physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of workers, and colour is an essential part of that.

Multichrome is designed with bold colours to meet the demand for zoning.

“Using a variety of colours to define specific spaces or ‘zones’ is crucial for the visual and mental stimulation of workers” Mandy explained. “Not only does it encourage co-creation and collaboration, it also gives workers the option to move around a space and choose their ideal setting for different types of work.”

Adding an exciting new look to the Interface portfolio, Multichrome’s bold, futuristic textures, intricate weave structures and mixture of neutral and bright colours create a quirky 80’s design, making it perfect for zoning in meeting rooms and informal areas in offices. The range is inspired by the Digital Wave trend, which is popular amongst younger people and references retro, futuristic technology through bold, strong geometric patterns.

Available in 16 different colours respectively, the Multichrome range offer varying amount of contrast and aesthetically pleasing design options.

Multichrome is monolithic and is available in 50 x 50cm squares.