On Line / Off Line collection

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Everything you need to create a dynamic, modern floor

On Line / Off Line is a collection of Skinny Planks that offers a wide spectrum of possibilities. Off Line features a linear design consisting of two colours that are perfectly matched with the vibrant On Line solid tiles. Combine the two for smooth transitions between neutrals and brights, hard and soft lines.

Play with the layout to create your own composition at the scale you want. Use Off Line to establish a soft border between two or more On Line colours or create a playful image using the Off Line tiles as accents. You can even stimulate wayfinding with a band of contrasting colour.

Everything is possible with the right connection.

On Line is available in 10 solid colours, and Off Line is available in 8 colourways, each transitioning from one On Line colour to another. Both can be installed ashlar or herringbone.

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