Global Change collection

Opis proizvoda

Nature offers constantly changing surroundings and stimulates us in different ways. Built spaces can offer the same kind of variety, providing environments matched to the activities taking place.

Global Change extends our library with new colours, patterns and textures – disparate elements that combine to create a cohesive whole. A classic Interface offering, pairing natureinspired design with the structure of a modular system. This collection is a new expression of biophilic design, offering a varied sensory experience with wide-ranging colours, patterns, textures, formats. This global collection comprises seven carpet tile ranges in both Squares and Skinny Planks, ranging from organic to crisp designs. Four products draw inspiration from familiar organic patterns: Glazing and Shading recreate the shadows of a forest canopy on the floor, Ground and Raku reference different terrains. Progression I, II and III provide the connective tissue that binds one idea to another, seamlessly.