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Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in the workplace. Basically, it is the study of what you can do to help your workers stay healthy and perform better.

Besides keeping your employees safe, office ergonomics comes with plenty of other benefits for the office.

Benefits of Office Ergonomics

  • Reduces Costs – By investing in office ergonomic strategies, you reduce ergonomic risk factors like MSDs. MSDs are musculoskeletal disorders that occur due to movement repetition or poor posture. If you provide ergonomics in the office, these risk factors drastically decrease. About one-third of workers compensation are paid to cases of MSD. Reduce these costs. Invest in ergonomic office chairs.
  • Boosts Productivity – Office ergonomics boosts productivity. Designing a workspace that promotes good posture, less repetitive motions, easier heights and reaches, and less exertion nurtures a more efficient work process. More efficiency equals more productivity.


  • Work Quality – Poor office ergonomics leads to tired and easily irritated workers that cannot do their best work. They may miss an important detail or forget an important call to a client. The best way to keep your employees in top form is to invest in office ergonomics. Proper office ergonomics will keep everyone in top working form.
  • Improvement in Employee Engagement – Office ergonomics will reduce turnover, lessen absenteeism, boost morale, and increase employee involvement. Also, employees will appreciate that the company that they work for is working so hard to see to their safety and health.
  • Safety Culture – Investing in ergonomics shows your company is committed to health and safety. By making health and safety a core value of your company, you create a stronger safety culture in your workplace. Your workers are your most valuable asset and keeping them healthy and safe is good business and the right thing to do.