InspirationWhy lounge areas matter in modern offices?

Our wireless world raises interesting questions about the ways people work in modern offices.

 Laptops, smartphones and tablets offer unprecedented mobility, allowing increasing numbers of professionals to retreat to their favorite places in the coffee shop or at home. Flexibility fuels the idea that work can happen anywhere.


But does “anywhere” really work?

A recent turnstone survey revealed that while 71% of office workers are remote at times, 72% of them report facing challenges when away from the office. Whether it’s loud surroundings, limited wifi, the inability to print documents or difficulty connecting to company servers, these problems threaten to derail productivity and diminish employee engagement.


So, if real hurdles exist when working remotely, why do so many workers still choose their “favorite places” away from the office?

A recent turnstone study suggests it may be because they prefer options that often don’t exist in the workplace. For example, when given the choice, 32% of 18-34 year old’s  prefer working in lounge settings to traditional work environments. However, the s ame survey found that just 25% of professionals have these spaces available to them. For the lucky few who do have office lounge areas, nearly half say they use them to do real work—not just to mingle or socialize.

So what does this mean for entrepreneurs wanting to create spaces that attract and retain the best and brightest?

It means that offering a true palette of posture in the office is critical to employee wellbeing. With research linking physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing to employee engagement—and linking engagement to bottom line results—the notion of space impacting business results is not far-fetched.

That’s why turnstone created new additions to our Campfire line. Our Slim Table is built to provide power in lounge settings, while Footrest supports feet and the backs of legs while you recline. Skate Table offers a movable work surface that adjusts to you, rather than you adjusting to your work.

If you’re ready to explore what lounge settings could do in your space, we’re ready to help transform your office.

AUTHOR: Jane Graham