InspirationGrowing business without obstacles!

Growing business without obstacles!

Interview with Mr. Marko Tanazević, Delight Group CEO

Two decades of hard work and dedication in serving our clients led us to today where we have a strong and prosperous regional company, and more importantly where our results and clients remain delighted.

Marko Tanazević, CEO

What is your success path?
In the initial years of the new millennium, we began developing our range of services and products. In most recent history, we became a regional fully integrated office solution provider. We truly believe that we offer the best value for our client’s investment and deliver creative, innovative, and inspiring office solutions with high-quality products and services. The Delight Group is the only regional player in SEE in office solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of leading global brands, exclusive partnerships, and best performing associates.

With business strategy at acquiring, advancing and nurturing long-established partnerships and collaborations we have instituted a range of creative, architectural and technological solutions designed to advance and foster an improved work environment. For our clients and their teams this means supporting them to reach their full potential while simplifying their daily work by delivering our solutions.

What is your greatest forte?
Our greatest asset is human capital, and with more than 100 specialized and creative professionals we, the Delight Group, have the competence and capacity to deliver complex project undertakings. Systematic and customized approach to clients, transparency, cost control, and project management are just some of the Delight Group advantages and opportunities. Single point communication and methodology is faster and quicker, therefore truly valuable to most businesses. Integrated business operations, unified team decision-making process, and finally a secured solutions’ delivery leads to fulfilment of our clients’ needs and overcomes their expectations. Our centralized business operations system provides our client with the possibility for procurement at the highest and unified level of quality, service and professionals’ pool, regardless of their location.

What is the aftermath of Covid-19 to your operations and what changed?
Our corporate approach has brought us to where we are today, and at the core over the recent years was digitalization of all operations and automation of main business processes. Regardless of the challenges and economic effects of the Covid-19, the Delight Group has reorganized and advanced its already initiated plans to lead us to the success story we have today. We optimized workflows and established collaboration practices which brought us to the position where we continued to grow and expand despite the given situation faced by us all. With ever-changing work environment our set processes brought new value to customers, gave space to innovation, and increased our productivity to a record-breaking result.

As we reached our milestones of more than 10,000 clients from an array of industries and 50,000 unique customer cases, we are also getting ready to mark the most financially successful year to date, regardless of the last two challenging Covid-19 years and heavily impacted economy and industry.

What are your future goals and plans?
Our future is preselected by our core values which we plan to respect and uphold, and our corporate strategy underlines this. In short, our aspiration is to keep on growing and offer the best possible service to our clients with nurturing our high-performing human capital and forever improving our innovative processes that deliver a better day @ work to our clients. Our growth will be ensured through further digitalization of all processes encompassed through custom made solutions and business modules. Together with our partners and management we recognized that one of the steps to achieve these goals is to expand our Adria presence even further onto Southeast Europe and position ourselves in 8 countries, covering a market of 40 million people. Furthermore, our clients are our most valued ambassadors. If you combine this with highly specialized and innovative professional team and inspiring leadership, and finally a superb and unsurpassed products, you are set for success and growth without obstacles.