Design Principles

Our design principles are based on extensive prototyping of spaces, to support work creativity, employees behaviors and customer needs.
These principles recognize that space and technology best fit together when they are designed as a holistic, integrated system.
kancelarijski ormani
1 Open Space
Creative Spaces:

The Resilient Workplace
A Resilient Workplace is the intentional combination of five spatial zones designed to adapt and evolve over time, optimizing real estate while fostering higher levels of employee engagement.
Creative Spaces are an interdependent ecosystem that can be designed and planned for within the zones of a Resilient Workplace. Intentionality and inclusion of Creative Spaces across zones will support and promote employees’ participation in the creative process, driving new ideas and innovative solutions
An interdependent ecosystem that enables
creative experiences can be designed at various scales:
for an individual, a team or the entire organization.
The five space types can be combined and arrayed
across a space to meet the specific needs
of the organization, as demonstrated to the left.
2 Private
3 in 1: The space rethinks the traditional private office by creating distinct areas that support focus, collaboration and respite as individuals and teams cycle through creative work.
3 Project
This project team space supports easy transitions between focus, collaboration and respite as teams apply creative problem solving to their day-to-day work or highly focused project work.

The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.